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How many types are the carbon brushes of the electric motor divided into?
2021-08-23 11:33:14

How many types are the carbon brushes of the electric motor divided into? According to the manufacturing process, the type of carbon and other components, carbon brushes are divided into four main categories. The types of electric brushes are: carbon graphite, electric graphite, graphite and metallic graphite.

Carbon graphite: Carbon graphite brushes used in motors are one of the types of carbon brushes. They are made of materials, but are usually older, lower current density on slower machines. The high friction of this material makes it unsuitable for today's commutators.

Electric carbon brush: The strength and density can distinguish electric carbon electric motor brushes. This is due to the composition of the raw materials used to make these brushes. The result is commutation capability, performance under high temperature/low humidity settings and therefore long service life. Processing can make electrophotographic materials work well in a contaminated environment.

Graphite carbon brush: The graphite brush is covered with graphite combined with resin to form a brush-like material. These graphite brushes have controllable film formation and ride quality on commutators and slip rings. The film-forming properties of graphite brushes protect the commutator or slip ring during operation in a contaminated environment. Their low absorbency and higher density are useful for reducing the commutator threads found in contaminated environments.

Metal graphite carbon brushes: Metal graphite carbon brushes used in motors are usually made of natural graphite and fine metal powder. Copper is common, but silver and tin are sometimes used. Due to the low resistivity, metallic graphite brushes are suitable for many applications. Metal graphite brushes are used in commutators of electroplating generators with low voltage and high brush current density. They operate on the ring of a wound rotor induction motor, on which a high brush current density is also found. Metal graphite brushes are used together with grounding brushes because their contact drop is very low.


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