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What other functions does the carbon brush have?
2021-08-23 11:32:10

The carbon brush is a key part of the DC motor, and the DC motor relies on the carbon brush to transmit the current from the rotating part of the motor. The brush is also responsible for changing the current change in the conductor during rotation. Each time the motor rotates, the current direction is changed multiple times.

In addition to these functions, carbon brushes can also keep the surface of the slip ring or commutator clean. Because these brushes have a protective carbon film, they are in close contact when the machine is running. Therefore, this prevents the motor or commutator from wearing out. This obstacle is why the commutator maintains its smooth state. Carbon is the material of these brushes. Carbon has electrical, physical and mechanical properties suitable for protecting motors from damage.

Main aspects of carbon brushes

Trace certain areas of the carbon brushes to the correct state of the carbon brushes. Rings with high peripheral speeds often have spiral grooves, which can increase the stability of the brush. These conditions prevent good contact between the commutator and the carbon brushes. If you ignore these problems, problems such as vibration can cause serious damage to the brushes and brush holders. There are dust grooves on the surface of the brush. These grooves further increase their state and performance. Use a brush to adapt it to a constant pressure. Carbon brushes need proper support for a long time. The brush also needs to have a specific gap to prevent wedging. The electrician defines the gaps for different brush sizes. This prevents problems such as hammering or wedging.

Correctly align the brush holder and arrange regular cleaning during inspection to prevent damage to the brush.


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