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What are the characteristics of the carbon brushes of DC motors?
2021-08-23 11:34:06

What are the characteristics of the carbon brushes of DC motors? In a DC motor, there is no spark in the carbon brush commutation process, which is helpful for conducting current between the moving parts of the motor. A DC motor has multiple components, and each component plays an important role in its normal function. One of them is the carbon brush, which plays a role. In a DC 

motor, there is no spark during the commutation of the carbon brushes. The contact is a sliding contact, which can transfer current from the static state to the rotating part of the generator or motor. One or several carbon blocks make up a brush. The brush may also include one or more terminals or shunts.

These components conduct current between the moving parts of the motor (including fixed wires). Because the brush performs such a critical task, the carbon brush is a vulnerable part that will gradually wear out over time.

Excessive use will cause the carbon brushes to wear out, which is the main limitation of this type of motor. Considering the availability of carbon brushes, the continuous demand for carbon brushes is a serious problem when the carbon brushes need to be replaced.

Although carbon brushes are easy to wear, these components actually, through proper care, use and maintenance, you can have a long life of carbon brushes. The better the condition of the brushes, the better the performance and efficiency of the DC motor.3b870736c2d32bc739df2a52d2.jpg

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