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The details to pay attention to when changing the carbon brush
2021-08-23 11:48:44

The details to pay attention to when changing the carbon brush

    Changing carbon brushes is still a highly dangerous job. Many people will cause harm to the body when changing carbon brushes. Therefore, when changing carbon brushes, pay attention to some details and how to judge whether carbon brushes need to be replaced. There is no specific time limit for carbon brush wear, which is generally one-third of the overall time limit; there are generally many ways to replace carbon brushes, and there are many things to pay attention to. When changing carbon brushes, two people need to start changing at the same time, but two people cannot work at the same time, because one person needs to supervise and one person performs the operation.

    Avoid the contact of the conductor during work, and stand on the insulating pad with your feet when changing the carbon brushes. When changing carbon brushes, don't change more than one at a time, but one by one. If you change the carbon brush, you need to change the prototype, and you must make sure that the two carbon brushes are the same. No more than 3 carbon brushes can be changed each time. Work carefully, and pay special attention to not touching the positively rotating parts when changing, so fasten the cuffs when working. There are places where the equipment is easy to be hooked to avoid injury to the staff. You need to wear it while working. Put on gloves and employees wear hats. Therefore, when replacing the carbon brushes, the staff should pay attention to their own safety and carry out the replacement of the carbon brushes when it is correct.


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