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Common causes and solutions for carbon brush failure
2021-08-23 11:47:54

Common causes and solutions for carbon brush failure

1. Some common reasons for carbon brush failure are: incorrect installation of the brush; incorrect size of the brush; damage to the brush due to electrical underload or overload; winding failure; voltage fluctuation to the motor; commutator problem-spark splash caused by worn carbon brush; brush It is not molded into an arc suitable for the commutator, etc.

2. What happens when the brush wears out? Carbon is a soft metal, and the brush design wears out over time. The reason for using soft metal is to reduce the damage to the commutator caused by friction. Usually, you will experience sparks on the commutator before the carbon brushes start to wear out-you can read a case study on this problem and its causes here. Once the carbon brushes are worn, the motor will perform poorly. Running the motor with this carbon brush will damage the motor.

3. How can the service life of carbon brushes be changed? In addition to environmental factors (including temperature, pollution, and humidity), the life of carbon brushes depends on several psychological factors, including frequency of use, brush alignment, and pressure settings. The routine visual inspection of common problems is to identify them before they cause serious damage. If one of the following situations occurs, you should contact personnel to check your motor: the commutator produces sparks; the motor power drops; the motor fails.

4. Choose a good carbon brush for a DC motor. Choosing a good carbon brush can affect the performance and service life of the motor. However, it may be difficult to choose the correct brush specification for the motor, especially if the previous brush cannot be implemented.


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