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What is the role of carbon brushes in the motor
2021-08-23 11:50:20

What is the role of carbon brushes in the motor

    Carbon brushes, also called motor brushes, are a small part of an electric motor, which conducts current between the fixed wire (stator) and the rotating wire (rotor) of the motor or generator. In a DC motor, the carbon brushes keep no spark during the commutation process, and are useful for conducting current between the moving parts of the motor. The contact is a sliding contact that can transfer current from static electricity to the rotating part of a generator or motor. One or several carbon blocks make up a brush. The brush may also include one or more terminals or shunts. The carbon brush is a key part of the DC motor, which relies on the brush to transmit the current from the rotating parts of the machine. The brush is also responsible for changing the current process in the conductor during rotation. Carbon is the material of these brushes. Carbon contains electrical, physical and mechanical properties suitable for protecting motors from damage.

    The carbon brush is used to make the fixed wire contact the rotating rotor. A common use is DC motors. In order to obtain the torque in the same direction during the entire rotation, the direction of the current flowing through the rotor winding is reversed in every half cycle. This is called "commutation" and it is achieved by the brushes providing rotor current. The brushes are fixed on the stator, and they are connected to a copper plate fixed on the rotor. When the spinner rotates, the brushes provide current in the correct direction.

    The brush is made of carbon because carbon is a very good electrical conductor and it is soft, so it can be touched. However, the brushes are worn and changed regularly. This is the main disadvantage of DC motors.


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