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The service life of the brush
2021-08-23 11:35:59

Before performing many repairs, please disconnect the power to the washing machine. Sometimes the carbon brushes can be replaced without disassembling the motor. However, I will demonstrate the process, including removing the motor.

One thing we need to do is to remove the belt. Next, I will turn the machine to the side so that I can reach the bottom of the machine. To keep the machine out of water, it is always a good idea to put the machine on a few towels. Now, we can see the electric motor at the bottom of the washing machine. We need to remove the terminal block and the four bolts that hold the motor in place.

The carbon brush is located here on the motor. The space connector needs to be removed, and then the brush can be released from the motor. If the brushes on your washing machine are in the holder, they need to be screwed into place. Many carbon brushes will eventually wear out because they are always in contact with the motor armature. Even in a washing cycle, the armature will still rotate many times.

 Depends on the frequency of use of the washing machine, obviously will depend on the service life of the brush. When replacing the carbon brushes, even if the two carbon brushes are not worn out, the two carbon brushes are replaced at the same time.

In the image below, you can see that the right-hand carbon brush protruding from the black bracket has worn out to the point where it cannot transmit current to the armature, so the motor will not be able to rotate. During the entire washing cycle, the drum of the washing machine will only be in an idle state. In contrast, the one shown on the left is a good brush with a lot of carbon.


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