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Standard custom brushes and slip rings
2021-08-23 11:40:23

Standard custom brushes and slip rings

    If you are looking for a good slip ring for your application, it may be a cable reel, plumbing equipment or gyroscope, you will find many suppliers of brushes and slip rings, and then you browse their website, you will see every Each company claims to have a variety of standard and custom slip rings available.

  What's the difference? Is the standard slip ring of each slip ring manufacturer the same? Generally, all standard slip rings are similar. An electromechanical device that can transmit power and signals from the fixed side to the rotating side, making good use of China's low material costs and low labor costs, providing thousands of electric brushes for marine, aviation, military, communications, heavy industry and agriculture. With slip ring system.

    Manufacturers of brushes and slip rings mostly produce through-hole slip rings and brushes with a diameter of less than 100mm. They are very needed slip rings and mass production, and are very similar in physical dimensions, electrical specifications and mechanical packaging.

    In fact, many custom slip rings are modified according to standard models. In addition, the craftsmanship of slip rings mainly depends on hand-made and processing, so custom slip rings will not cost as much as others. The custom-made brushes and slip rings are well designed to withstand strong vibrations, avoid corrosion and water. Rotary joints, encoders, etc. are optional.


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