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Important information about motor carbon brushes
2021-08-23 11:44:11

Important information about motor carbon brushes

    Carbon brushes are used to rotate electrical components to form a continuous electrical connection between a fixed conductor and a moving conductor. This enables the fixed power source to transmit electrical signals to rotating parts. The devices that use carbon brushes are gyroscopes, generators and synchronizers, and various alternators.

    Basically, a carbon brush is a strip of conductive material mounted on a shaft. Although insulated from the shaft itself, the carbon brushes are connected to the rotor or rotating assembly through windings or other electrical connections. The outside of the carbon brush is in continuous sliding contact with the fixed brush or other fixed conductors. This allows intermittent or continuous rotating devices to have uninterrupted contact between the rotating component and the external circuit.

    Carbon brushes are also called rotary electric joints and electric rotary joints. They can be made from a range of conductive materials, but usually copper or gold alloy contacts are used; silver and coin silver are also used. The rated speed, current, voltage, insulation resistance and other factors of each brush. Manufacturers usually provide an estimated life for each ring to ensure correct replacement and efficiency. Speed is rated in revolutions per minute, and life expectancy is usually a function of speed and length of use (for example, up to 2000 revolutions per minute).

    The carbon brush assembly usually includes brush blocks, which should be properly matched with the brush blocks. The brush is a block of graphite/carbon material with conductive mountings and is connected to the system outside the rotating part. The common use of carbon brushes may be wire drawing generators.

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