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How to maintain the brush
2021-08-23 11:38:28

Like many other electrical appliances, in the case of vacuum cleaners and their components, including motor brushes or carbon brushes, maintenance of the brushes also plays a more important role. However, although most maintenance work can be done by the homeowner himself, the electric motor of the vacuum cleaner is in the hands of the personnel. Generally, if the carbon brush on the vacuum cleaner is fired to a length shorter than 3/16 inch, replace it. It should be noted that their standard length is 3/4 inch.

For an electric motor, its typical expected service life is about 800-900 hours of use, after which the bearing or armature usually fails. We have vacuum motor brushes, vacuum cleaner motor brushes, lamb electric motor brushes and so on.

 For vacuum cleaners, it is a small and lightweight motor with high-output carbon brushes. In addition, there are cleaners on the market that require high suction power. The motor speed of the cleaner should be at least 40,000 rpm. By using our carbon brushes, you will be able to obtain high-speed motors with long service time and good commutation performance. This is one of the characteristics of our carbon brushes for vacuum cleaners. For each power tool, there are usually two types of carbon brushes to choose from: automatic stop and non-automatic stop. The carbon brush with automatic stop function has a spring on the entire length of the carbon brush.

When the carbon brush is worn, the spring is released, the current flowing to the carbon brush is interrupted, and the power tool is turned off. Advantages: Electric tools will not produce additional wear. The carbon brushes that do not stop automatically will not stop running, but the performance of the power tool will decrease. Although convenient as a sign, it is usually not very beneficial to your power tool.


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