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Easy to clean carpet with electric brush
2021-08-23 11:37:43

Dust and fluff accumulated in the motor may be trapped between the armature and the carbon brushes, causing the motor to malfunction or even cause a fire. If the vacuum cleaner you buy has a lot of air flow and suction power, you can lift the fluff of the carpet to the brush, then the vacuum cleaner will clean the fluff and help it stand up normally. The result will be a new look and easier to clean the carpet than an electric brush.

If your vacuum is not effective, the carpet's fluff will remain dull and will not accumulate due to pedestrian congestion. You cannot pull sand and gravel from the flat carpet fibers. Dark traffic trails began to appear. As sand and dirt accumulate, it acts like sandpaper, slowly abrading and cutting the carpet fibers as you walk through the carpet.

This motor is only installed on the vacuum cleaner, so I want to know why it will fail soon. Usually, you want to stop the operation after you find the faulty brush, but I want to check for other damage and find out how to construct it. The brushes of the vacuum motor conduct current between the wires of the rotating shaft of the vacuum motor, thereby enabling the vacuum motor to work. Need to connect the coil of the rotor to form a complete circuit. Some brushes are made of graphite and are very high. Some companies have tried again to improve the process by adding some metal to the brush material. As the use time increases, many vacuum motor brushes will gradually wear out, and the vacuum motor needs to be replaced to operate. Please refer to the "How to Replace" section below for instructions on replacing carbon brushes.


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