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​Design and engineering of brushes and slip rings
2021-08-23 11:41:20

Brush and slip ring design and engineering

    The design of brushes and slip rings varies greatly depending on the application. A typical collector brush design consists of one or more conductive rings mounted on the barrel. Most rings rely on an interference fit on the barrel to hold them in place or bolted to the barrel. The slip rings are electrically insulated from each other and the barrel. Brushes and slip rings can be tested to evaluate their chemical composition and electrical properties. In addition, our laboratory can evaluate the properties of mechanical materials, including yield and tensile strength and elongation, to ensure that the correct material is obtained in the finished product.

    The complete function allows us to design and design a complete set of slip rings with an outer diameter of 3 inches or large. If necessary, we can redesign most of the slip ring components into a split ring form. Usually larger diameter collector ring assemblies use a multi-section split ring design. Multi-section rings are cast in our foundry, machined and equipped with appropriate hardware. The collector ring can then be installed and/or removed without removing the entire assembly from the shaft.

    Customized slip ring manufacturing is carried out around the established slip ring model and improved design. Our company's team of engineers will design and manufacture custom components with you to meet your specific alloy requirements and electrical specifications.


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