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Can electric brushes replace carbon brushes?
2021-08-23 11:39:26

The epoxy resin bonding materials of these carbon brushes are characterized by large damping properties. Therefore, they are mainly used for high-speed or commutator peripheral speed motors. The sliding properties are already better and can be improved by impregnation. These materials have a resistance range of 100 to 1,500 µΩm (or 10,000 µΩm as needed), making these materials useful in motors with many performance levels.

Before ignoring the article on how to replace the carbon brushes of motors, please consider the following questions: Most electrical appliances are equipped with electric motors, and most electric motors are equipped with carbon brushes. To stop the motor from working, the common thing is worn out carbon brushes. Changing the carbon brush sounds like only a potbellied person can participate, but trust me...no hair is needed.

If the battery in the smoke detector can be replaced, the brush can replace the carbon brush. When dust and lint pass through your vacuum cleaner, the accumulation in the bearing housing and bearings will slow down the speed of the brush roller, causing excessive wear on the vacuum motor and belt. Over a period of time, some brushes become soft, lose their effectiveness, and need to be replaced. Worn brushes may still look better.

If it is not replaced, it will only rotate without touching the carpet. This will reduce your cleaning efficiency by as much as 50%. Dust accumulated in the motor bearings will slow down the motor and the slow brush roller. The result is that the motor overheats, which greatly shortens the life of the vacuum motor and requires the entire vacuum to be replaced. The carbon brushes in the motor transfer electricity to the armature. As the motor rotates, the brushes wear out. If they wear out, the wires may hit the armature, causing a short circuit and burning the motor.


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