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Brush assembly for energy and data transmission
2021-08-23 11:43:14

      The brush assembly used for energy and data transmission is used for products whose movement does not allow a fixed current supply. Therefore, applications range from the current transmission of a circular scraper that moves slowly in a purification plant to an explosion-preventing brush assembly with medium introduction for oil production vessels and slip rings of wind turbines.

      The brush assembly and the contact unit are used for power and data transmission, respectively. The signal characteristics are individually configured and manufactured for each demand profile. We can adopt various measures to implement an ideal and economical solution for each customer. Even complex requirements and application conditions. On this basis, these are manufactured according to the respective requirements of customers and comply with the characteristic specifications and environmental related requirements.

      Through continuous further product development and application innovation, we can sustainably maintain high-quality solutions. Improved features can bring economic efficiency and functionality, such as through small design, high capacity and long life cycle.

      Four series of platforms or standard modules form the basis of the brush assembly series; brushes, contact units, housings and electrical connections. Each platform covers a large number of different versions. The modular cross-platform concept provides liveliness for adjustments. Therefore, we are able to produce custom-made brush assemblies on cost-effective terms and conditions-personalized, high-quality and economical.


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