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Are carbon brushes, also called motor brushes?
2021-08-23 11:35:02

The carbon brush, also called the motor brush, is a small part of the motor, which conducts current between the fixed wire (stator) and the rotating wire (rotor) of the motor or generator. In a DC motor, there is no spark during the commutation of the carbon brushes, and current is conducted between the moving parts of the motor. The contact is a sliding contact, which can transfer current from the static state to the rotating part of the generator or motor. One or several carbon blocks make up a brush. The brush may also include one or more terminals or shunts. The carbon brush is a key part of the DC motor, and the DC motor relies on the carbon brush to transmit the current from the rotating part of the motor. The brush is also responsible for changing the current change in the conductor during rotation. Carbon is the material of these brushes. Carbon has electrical, physical and mechanical properties suitable for protecting motors from damage.

Carbon brushes are used as conductors in motors that will not be broken by moving parts. Starting from carbon, carbon brushes can handle a large amount of electricity and can also be used as lubricating oil. But now, the design has changed and we have removed the carbon brushes so that the motor has no friction.

The brush is a component that allows current to flow to the armature by sliding on the commutator segment. The brush is connected to the power source, just like a battery. As the armature rotates and rotates, and we create a rotating magnetic field, the brushes slide on what we call a commutator rod, which is a copper segment connected to the armature coil in the motor.


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